Sending Options

Sending text messages is very easy and we have a number of different ways of doing this depending on your requirements.

Web Sending

We have a web site that enables you to send messages to individuals or groups of numbers very quickly and easily. You just login, add the numbers you want to send to or paste them in and then write the message and press 'GO'.


Web Sending Can Do The Following:-

  • Send the same message to one number or thousands of numbers.
  • Maintain groups of numbers to be used again.
  • Show how many credits you have and how many you have sent.
  • Show your message sending history.
  • Enable you to purchase more credits online.
  • Schedule messages for delivery up to a year in advance.
  • Set an alert for low credit warnings so you never run out of credits.
  • Change your allocated password.
  • Send messages that require a reply that comes back to your email account.
  • Set up templates of frequently used message wordings.
  • Merge data held in the phonebooks into your outbound messages.
  • Dynamically change the 'Sender' when sending messages.

Email To SMS

Emails can be sent from Outlook or your email client and they will be converted to text messages and delivered. A reply option enables people to reply to a text message and the reply arrives back in the email account that sent the original message. Setup your email to SMS service FREE via from within your web account.

Integrate With Your Applications (Developers API)

Download the simple API document, it enables you to seamlessly integrate SMS messaging into your web site or software application. We also have a 'web service' if required. You will require a web account in order to obtain a username and password.

File Upload

You will require a web account in order to obtain a username and password to use the file upload facility.
The file upload options are available at
There are two options available:-

1) If you have a file of numbers and want to send the SAME message to each of those numbers.
2) If you have a file of numbers and DIFFERENT messages for each of those numbers.

Want a customised sending screen?

The Web Interface can be customised with YOUR OWN logo's and colours (additional cost) Contact us for details.

Suitable for any business

Companies use SMS to engage with clients, prospects and staff. SMS has a 97% open rate.