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Getting Started

24X can offer both a standalone web-based solution or fully integrated SMS within your existing system(s). For our standalone solution we have a web site that enables you to send messages to individuals or groups of numbers very quickly and easily. You just login, type the numbers you want to send to or paste them in. Then write your message and press 'CONFIRM'. It's as simple as that!

  • Send the same message to one number or thousands of numbers
  • Maintain groups of numbers to be used again
  • Show how many credits you have and how many you have sent
  • Show your message sending history
  • Purchase more credits online
  • Schedule messages for delivery up to a year in advance
  • Set an alert for low credit warnings so you never run out of credits
  • Change your allocated password
  • Send messages that require a reply that comes back to your email account
  • Set up templates of frequently used message wordings
  • Merge data held in the phonebooks into your outbound messages
  • Dynamically change the 'Sender' when sending messages
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Receiving Replies

There are three ways to receive replies:

1. Received messages appear on a web interface for viewing, downloading or responding to

2. Received messages are 'posted' to a page or script on your server for you to process

3. Received messages are emailed to a designated email address

The web interface also allows you to easily and instantly view and respond to received messages. Messages can also be downloaded in a CSV File format for Excel and they can automatically be forwarded to a designated email address.

Our dedicated inbound long number service has been designed for companies who need to receive and process inbound messages e.g. for building databases or for providing interactive services. Backed by a web interface, the software provides the resilience required to manage large volumes.

Our interactive servers run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a complete audit trail is maintained to ensure a robust and reliable platform which you can base your business on. The system can be set up in 24 hours.

Inbound services pricing

The system costs only £100 to set up and £100 per month to run including the allocation of a dedicated response number for your own use. There is no charge for inbound messages. Purchasing more than one inbound number will discount the overall costs - please call for prices based on the quantity of dedicated numbers you require.


Email to Text to Email

If your existing system is able to send emails, often the simplest method of sending texts is to convert an email into a text message. The 24X solution enables emails sent from Outlook or your email client to be automatically converted into text messages and delivered as a text. A reply option enables the recipient to reply to a text message and for the reply to arrive back as an email.

This means that the same email solution already in existence can be sent to generate and receive texts which will arrive in the same email account that sent the original message. So no change is required to your existing system. Simply set up the email to SMS option from within your web account FREE OF CHARGE.

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Simple Integration Options

Current record time for a programmer to integrate our SMS stands at 5 minutes! Can you beat that?

24X provides a very simple but powerful API so that you can integrate SMS (sending and receiving) into your software.

All you require is a user account which will provide you with a username and password which is used in the API.

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Additional Services

24X can offer a range of additional services to help you gain maximum benefit from the SMS solutions we provide. Such additional features include

  • Reporting
  • Consultancy
  • Reseller Services
  • Data SIMS

The following is a brief summary of those services but please contact 24X to discuss any additional requirements you may have....


Our free, comprehensive report suite comprises a full range of statistical analysis of your SMS activities including the following:

  • Detailed breakdown of messages sent within a given period
  • Detailed breakdown of messages sent to a specific number
  • Total number of messages sent within a given period (by hour/month)

The free reports will enable you to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns to measure success rates and to allow adjustments if required on a timely basis.


24X is happy to use the extensive experience and knowledge we have gained on how to use SMS successfully and can assist you with implementing and developing a highly beneficial text messaging programme.

We work with you to understand your business model in order to propose how best to utilise the power of SMS.

Reseller Services

For our resellers, 24X can offer a full range of SMS services which can enable you to generate revenue on every message purchased by your customers. All we need from you is a logo or company name and we will create a branded self contained interface similar to that shown below. It has the ability to allocate new accounts and for users to logon to the very powerful web sending interface. Credits can be purchased online via credit or debit card and 24X will pay you for every credit purchased on an ongoing basis, not just a one off payment.

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Our pricing is extremely competitive and tiered to offer increased cost savings for larger volumes.

As a 24X Ltd reseller you have the ability to take advantage of our best prices with the flexibility to charge your clients according to any pricing structure above the wholesale price that you wish. Contact us for more information


24X can provide Data SIMs with tariffs to match your data requirements. These can range from 256K of data per month up to 20Gb per month. They are ideal for machine to machine communications (M2M) either on the public network or we can allocate a fixed IP address on a private network.

A SIM with a fixed IP address can be accessed directly as though it was a device on a network. Contact us to discuss