Recruitment Industry

24X has an extensive knowledge of the business text messaging markets, through prudent management and building long term profitable partnerships with our clients, we endeavour to maintain corporate profitability and stability for both our staff and our clients. This combination ensures that your investment is secure and protected.

The Benefits Of SMS

SMS is one of the most effective methods of communication within the recruitment industry.

Those companies who use SMS have found a distinct advantage over those who do not. Nearly every candidate has a mobile phone making SMS the perfect way of contacting them. Uses of SMS include inviting candidates for interviews, sending them date/time reminders and supplying feedback on the outcome of the interview.

Using SMS reduces no shows, stops late timesheets and allows you to contact staff FAST. With SMS you can send personalised messages, receive replys and automatically process opt out requests.

Example Uses

  • Confirmation of interview dates and times.
  • Notify job seekers when a new job matches their profile.
  • More reliable than an email being read and less intrusive than an impromptu phone call.
  • SMS can decrease the workload of employees and speeds up the processing of many transactions and problems.
  • Payroll reminders or updates.
  • 'Please call' messages.
  • Gather feedback from users.