Marketing Industry

24X has an extensive knowledge of the business text messaging markets, through prudent management and building long term profitable partnerships with our clients, we endeavour to maintain corporate profitability and stability for both our staff and our clients. This combination ensures that your investment is secure and protected.

The Benefits Of SMS

Mobile users are often attached to their phones and will not leave the house without them. Therefore, mobile messaging has become one of the most successful means of marketing. You can send targeted SMS messages to people, turning them into potential buyers. You can offer various forms of SMS campaigns or SMS voting. That is why it has become an essential part of any marketing. SMS has a 97% open rate and it is far cheaper than post or printed material. People who receive text messages react to them straight away. Try it today!

Example Uses

  • Increase event attendance
  • Send out promotional offers
  • Send time sensitive messages
  • Grow opt-in database by using the 24X inbound number.