Logistics Industry

24X has an extensive knowledge of the business text messaging markets, through prudent management and building long term profitable partnerships with our clients, we endeavour to maintain corporate profitability and stability for both our staff and our clients. This combination ensures that your investment is secure and protected.

The Benefits Of SMS

In logistics, speed and availability are key factors. There is fierce competition for attracting new customers and keeping them is just as important. With SMS, you can launch notifications, reminders or alerts about packages and ordered products. Customers often overload customer service centres with enquiries about their product delivery and expected time of arrival. Adding SMS to the CRM system, the workload would be greatly decreased.

Example Uses

  • Many tracking systems need to use 3G, but this is not always available in remote areas. However texting can be used as a primary resource in tracking.
  • Notifications of low stock levels.
  • Send alerts to customers when their order has been confirmed/dispatched.
  • Messages to engineers.
  • Request information from your sales force.