SMS Integration

SMS Integration - Current Record Time for a Programmer to integrate our SMS stands at 5 minutes ! - Can you beat that ?

24X provide a very simple but powerful API so that you can integrate SMS (sending and receiving) into your software.

All you require is a user account which will provide you with a username and password which is used in the API.

Option 1) - just email our 24x sms gateway and let us convert your email into a text message, so if you know how to send emails from your app or site you know how to send text messages!

e.g. send an email to

So if you wanted to send our MD Kevin a text message you might send an email to

NB. To get your own "your24xemailtosmscode" just get a free account.

Option 2) - Posting to a script on our server.

Try inputting this sample into any web browser and instantly send a text within seconds! xxxxx&password= xxxxx&smsto= 447787123256&smsfrom=Me&smsmsg= Hi Kevin, I love how easy this is

Remember, we are software engineers and we want you using our service so do not waste a second, if you need help call us.

Click Here to download our FULL API Document. You can do lots more that just sending messages so read it or if you do not like reading, call us 01903 550 242

Integrate SMS in to your CRM, Marketing and Email systems quickly and easily. Examples of integrations.