Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost my password.

If you think you have less than 15,000 credits on your account click here to use the automatic password service. If you have more than 15,000 credits on your account Call us now on 01903 550 242 or +44(0)1903 228100.

Is a Free Trial a real account?

Yes, once you have tested a free account just 'Top It Up' with credits and start sending.

How do I 'Top Up Credits'?

Use the 'Login' link above,enter your username and password and you will see links for prices and how to buy.

Do UK routes mean you only send to the UK?

No, we send from the UK to the UK and Worldwide - UK routes are important to UK customers because they are far more reliable. Non-UK routes often get delayed or blocked and your money can be lost if the non-UK company goes bankrupt or disappears after you have purchased sending credits from them. 24X have been trading since 2000 and you are welcome to visit us or call anytime.

What do the delivery statuses mean?

Click here for a short description of the statuses.

Can I be invoiced?

Yes, call us to arrange invoicing.

Where are your prices?

Get a free account and then 'Login', prices are displayed in the system and discounts are calculated based on volume purchased.

Are there any setup costs for sending SMS?

No, there are no setup or monthly costs - you just pay for message credits.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, the price depends on the volume of credit purchased. The more you buy the lower price. Credits on active accounts do not expire.

Do I need separate accounts if I am using different methods to send messages?

No, one username and password is all that is required.

If I use the Email to SMS option can I still see the messages sent in the web screens?


What does the daily sending limit mean?

There are no real limits to the number of messages you can send in a day but we have added a daily sending limit to all accounts to protect you in the event of mistakes occurring e.g. an error in your application which suddenly causes duplicate messages to be sent. The daily sending limit will give you an opportunity to spot the error before too much damage is done.

Who sets the daily sending limit and can I change it?

New accounts are automatically given a daily sending limit of 1000 messages. If you would like this limit changed then please contact us and we will amend it for you.

What is your VAT number?

760 5905 25

What IP addresses do I need to unblock if using your services?

NONE USUALLY, as long as you can see you are OK but if your IT department blocks IP addresses to prevent people surfing the net then these are the IP addresses we use

NOTE your IT department should unblock ALL the IP addresses as if a route has problems we switch routes to ensure 24 hour service - - Email to SMS - Backup - Internal Developer Testing

Can I become a reseller?

Yes, there are many options from having your own custom site to just getting a referrer commission, see Become a Reseller or contact us for more details.