Cookie Policy

24X Ltd are committed to protecting your information and this means that any cookies used on our sites will not contain personally identifiable information about you. However, we do use cookies on our websites to help make your visits more effective so we'd like to explain more about how and why we use them.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites or sometimes by emails. They provide useful information to companies and improve customers' browsing experience. They allow our clients to access all areas of their account efficiently and to save time by not having to re-enter their details each time they visit. Cookies can also help 24X to analyse how our customers interact with our site so that we can make improvements.


Session Cookies

Certain cookies are necessary in order for you to use our website. These are used 'in-session' each time you visit and then expire when you leave the site. They are not stored on your computer and they do not contain any personal data. You will be unable to use any of the functionality of our sending systems if you block these cookies. They maintain your login details, identifying your account with us for the duration of your session. These are only activated when you are logged into your account, not if you are just browsing the website for information.


Permanent Cookie

When you login into your 24X account you will be given the opportunity to save your username and password for future visits. If you select this option then a permanent cookie will be written away to retain this information. This only holds your account login details and does not contain any personally identifiable data.


Google Analytics

24X Ltd use Google Analytics to provide us with anonymous web statistics. This allows us to monitor customer traffic to our website and identify potential improvements to the structure and information provided.

You can accept or block cookies

You can block any cookies from any website through your browser settings but bear in mind that some may be essential to the functioning of all or part of the site. If you share the use of a computer, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.

Find out more

You'll find more information about cookies at, which gives details on how to delete cookies from your computer. For information on how to do this on your mobile phone browser, please see your handset manual