Collecting Mobile Numbers

The most valuable thing you can do for your business is to obtain the mobile numbers of your clients, prospects and employees. Once you have these, engaging with them via our SMS services is quick and easy and very cost effective.

Numbers can be obtained via paper forms, online forms and the use of dedicated inbound numbers.

Our dedicated inbound long number service has been designed for companies who want to build their database of mobile numbers. We provide a dedicated number that you use either on your outbound messages for replies and / or on any advertising to ask users to reply or text to the number. When this is done, you receive the mobile number, message, and the date and time of the message.

There are three ways to receive messages:-

1. Received messages appear on a web interface for viewing, downloading or responding to.
2. Received messages are 'posted' to a page or script on your server for you to process.
3. Received messages are emailed to a designated email address.

Web Interface

Viewing / Processing Received Messages.
The web interface also allows you to easily and instantly view and respond to received messages. Messages can also be downloaded in a CSV File format for Excel and they can automatically be forwarded to a designated email address.
The system costs only 100 to set up and 100 per month per month to run including the allocation of a dedicated response number for your own use. There is no charge for inbound messages. Purchasing more than one inbound number will discount the overall costs - please call for prices based on the quantity of dedicated numbers you require.